the most annoying thing to say after a sentence.
its even more annoying when they say it and its not even homo.
do people really feel the need to remind themselves/others that they really arent homo anyways??
dont say it kids; its stupid.
insane person number o1: max is 'coming'... no homo.
sane person number o1: okay whatever, youre a freak.

insane person number o2: i love you... no homo.
sane person number o2: thats not homo. i know were just friends!
by imaloopynutjob March 20, 2008
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1. A phrase said after saying something that could be interpreted as homosexual to someone of the same gender as the speaker.

2. A phrase used in the above context, so that one can say something very gay about someone but still technically remain straight. Acts as a loophole for people to say really, really gay things that otherwise would just not be socially acceptable. People might still look at you weird though.
That test was pretty hard, looking back on it. No homo.
Damn, son, that shirt looks good on you bro. No homo.
No homo, but you're a good looking guy.
Man, I bet you're crazy in bed, no homo.
I want to suck your fucking dick in my mouth until you're about to cum, and then let you jizz all over my face. No homo.
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Phrase commonly used in bodybuilding forums to express "I am not a homosexual". Normally follows a seemingly homosexual quip or compliment to reassert one's heterosexuality.
1. Your progress with your current training program has made you ripped! (No homo)
2. You look pretty good, but I would work on those abs. (no homo)
3. I would like to be inside you. (no homo)
by StevieQLe August 09, 2008
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Added to the end of a sentence that could of been taken the wrong way... if you're thinking about homo stuff that is. If you are, then you'd feel the need to reaffirm your maculinity by saying no homo
I feel like eating some salted nuts...no homo.

Give it to me bruh...no homo

I'ma be all up in your ass...no homo
by Al-Arsham February 07, 2008
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a phrase someone who is unsure and insecure about their sexuality says to make whatever they just said sound less homosexual. However, it always makes whatever phrase previously sound even more gay.
by Laughingout_loud August 15, 2010
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to rule out the homosexual context of a something said to another man.
by diamond cutter October 01, 2003
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