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A term used for a massive homosexual. If they are really fucking queer, you tell them they have the big gay. Is not gender specific, nor targeted to only people. If you stub your toe on a coffee table, you can say it's got the big gay
Tezza - "Oi cunt, I bet you kiss girls."
Warren - "I do not kiss girls!" "Oh fuck."
Tezza - "You have the big gay my nigga."
by The biggest gay December 27, 2017
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A gay alien standing at 15.7 feet tall and has the power to turn anyone gay in a mile radius and at full power after turning 1,000,000 people gay he can turn everyone on earth gay with the clap of the hands.
Dude look it’s the big gay we’re gonna die, he’s gonna turn us gay like the rest!”
by Monty buckets March 10, 2018
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When you masturbate against a woman's face while wearing rainbow underwear and calling her Steve as you ejaculate in her eyes.
She threw glitter on me, so I gave her The Big Gay last night.
by LuciferDictionary June 18, 2018
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