2 definitions by Papacrumpz

When a person says anything to seem cool or popping strictly for the purpose of being in the spotlight. Synonymous to an attention whore.

Pronounced (DREWS-KIN)
Jake: I swear you can’t bring Kyle around shorties anymore without him talking ‘bout which rims he should buy for his car

Brian: Oh you ain’t know? That boy be druskin’ hard.
by Papacrumpz July 28, 2020
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A rhetorical question asked, usually on social media, to embarrass them with any online content from their past if they ever contradict themselves or have a very unpopular opinion.
Jake: You’ll never catch me begging a girl to talk to me cause she belongs to the streets!

Ashley: This you? *shows screenshots of Jake proving otherwise*
by Papacrumpz July 30, 2020
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