Premature failures in pistons, piston rings, cylinder liners, bearings and bushings in an otherwise late model automobile, commonly known as a "muscle car", causing such vehicle to fail upon ignition.
"Golly gee, Sally, I'm not such a lucky girl. Gerry phoned, and said his T-bird has no sex drive, so we won't be going to the drive-in after all. Isn't that just crrraaaazzzzy?"
by Pompien August 30, 2013
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a physiological need for sexual activity
testosterone is responsible for the male sex drive
by Daniel February 18, 2005
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Peter: Why do you fap 4 times everyday?
Freddie: My sex drive is high bro.
by redpando127 December 30, 2016
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your sexual drive- (sd) is how often you feel the urge to interact in sexual activity- seggcytime can also be affected by how low, or high your sex drive is. Your sex drive can be either high, or low.
scenario 1- high sex drive

guy 1: brooo i’m not kidding, i have some serious issues, i can’t go a day without thinking of sex- my sex drive has been insane.
guy 2: damn bro- that sucks. get better my man.

scene 2- low sexual drive

girl: hey.. wanna..? you know…
guy: umm.. im sorry- don’t feel like it right now.
girl: come on bro!! we’ve never done anything for 6 years!!! tf wrong with you.
by nicknelsonsdi- June 5, 2022
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1)One of the greatest movies of all time, which is pretty funny actually, has alot of great scenes and jokes

2)A need to have sex
1)The unrated version of sex drive includes everything from balls to tits

2)Do I really have to explain what the need to have sex is?
Ask any normal teenage boy who has a extremely strong hand.
by phatkid1221 October 11, 2009
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How far one is willing to travel to have sex.
Otherwise I'm not particularly fond of her, but she stimulates my sex drive to the point I'm willing to burn a tank of gas to tag it.
by Omar O. Ungh July 13, 2010
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