Be there or be "square," because you are not "a-round"
Guy 1: "There's gonna be a party later tonight, dude! Be there or be square!"
Guy 2: "What does that even mean bro?"
Guy 1: Be there or you're being a square, because you're not a-round, man."
by Romwe February 5, 2015
aaron: "hey steve, can i bum a square off of you?"
justin: "a wHaT!!??"
aaron: "a cigarette, you square."
justin: "did you just call me a cigarette?! aw HELL no..."
by tazmanian guamanian December 25, 2010
1. A four sided polygon characterized by right angles and sides of equal length.
2. A tobacco cigarette.
3. A place where everyone gathers consisting of shops and whatnot.
4. A boring person.
by birdman June 12, 2003
Tweak of Be there or be square. You are inviting someone to an event that will be somewhat geeky, but still fun. Usually used when the invitees attendance is pretty much given anyway.
Hey man coming to Neil's birthday on Friday? Be there and be square.
by neilsbigdayout January 27, 2011
Someone who won't do anything bad.
'Wanna smoke a blunt rn'
'Nah I'm square about smoking drinking n sneaking out'
by Danika real ferda July 22, 2017
Feeling like you're stuck inside a box.
I feel like I'm squared and can't follow my dreams.
by SomeRandomAssName March 8, 2017
A square being a nerd, geek, dork...un-hip, un-cool, unpopular, not with-it, etc. ...sort of person..."be there or be square" means about the same as "everyone who is anyone will be there", which is to say if you're not there you're nobody.
All the hot girls and all the rough boys will be at this party/club/place dude be there or be square!
by Lala June 18, 2006