A member of the armed forces who thinks he's the "Gods gift to women".

Unfortunately found everywhere.

Also Squaddy and Squady
"our mark is a squaddie"
by Anonymous May 24, 2003
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a member off the british infantry hobbies inc drinking fighting dancing like a twat the love off slagging off civis refer to women as slags or spunk trumpets they call each other skiprat or lizardlips they enjoy doing a "jobbie" in random places every second word they say is followed by fuck or cunt there whole life is "army barmy" even when they are back on civi street everyday items are looked at like it could be a usefull weapon of some kind they use terms like kebab compass , disco shoes often seen reacting attack lanes on the they way home for a night out
i was well fucking pissed didnt know where i was fucking going found a cunting chippie and got myself a kebab compass got home in no time a example of how a squaddie will find his way back to camp
by smuggs4712 July 18, 2009
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A member of the Army.

They hang about in squads for safety (even whilst out of work), hence squaddie. Often found wearing an unofficial style of uniform while in town drinking consisting of:

- A pair of faded blue jeans
- Desert boots (or Rockports, CAT's etc)
- A fleece style top
Fucking squaddies are always kicking off in town giving the rest of us service personnel a bad name. Scum
by Sooty and Jim August 3, 2003
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A male member of the British Army who isn't an officer. An old-fashioned synonym is Tommy. Stereotypical characteristics of squaddies include:
-They regularly go out drinking; while out they shamelessly try to pull civilian girls and often start fights (with each other as well as with civilians)
-They're from working class backgrounds
-They left education aged 15 or 16
-They're fiercely patriotic and xenophobic
-They're overtly racist towards South Asians and people of Middle Eastern descent
-They're deeply prejudiced against Islam, Communism and liberalism
-They're homophobic, and call any man who shows any signs of effeminacy "a poof"
-They're unintelligent
-They're cocky as fuck
Last time I went to that bar a squaddie tried to dance with my girlfriend; then when she rejected him, he and his squaddie mates beat the shit out of me.
by trolltastic February 25, 2011
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a member of the british military.while the military in the UK is respected, squaddies due to their pig headed, loutishness are not.
they posess charactaristics of jocks (US).
squaddies in (contrast to rest of the military)are chavs that often only join the army because they are too stupid to do anything else or because their parents made them.they believe that because they are in the forces, they are far more supreme than anybody else, deserve special treatment,they are god's gift to the earth and all the ladies love them.in reality they are stupid, rowdy, pig headed idiots who will start fights with anybody that disagrees/gets in their way.squaddies come in a variety of shapes and sizes but are most often muscly and thuggish.typical description:-
-muscly with buzzed or very short hair
-tattood,often with union jacks or british bulldogs
-dresses in richchav clothes such as gio goi, henleys, gstar raw and police when off duty

these guys will commonly congregate at bars and nightclubs trying to shag some underage chav slut and start fights with anybody ho gets in their way. they are found in hampshire, devon, east/ north yorkshire, county durham/anywhere with an army camp nearby.
95% of the british military are hardworking, nice and doing a brilliant job.the 5% of squaddies ruin it for eveybody else
do we have to go out on thursday?...everyone knows that thursday night is squaddie night which means they will be out in full force, drinking, shagging, punching, shouting and bottling their way through town...
by jay31189 March 6, 2011
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A man who constantly tries to hook up with u and won't leave u alone. It doesn't how many times u turn him down, he will not get the picture. He will text u and facebook u with pleas for some sort of sexual intercourse. he employs what is known as a "paedo grip" in order to catch his pray, male or female, and skeet all over them!!!
"man that boy keeps following me, he's such a squaddie!!"
by the truth!! August 7, 2009
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Someone is squaddy if they always go places with a group or gang.
"Nah man, I roll squaddy"
by Neolorgasms April 25, 2016
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