When one says something ridiculously homosexual, but wants to play it off like they're straight. It usually leaves underlying suspicion anyways.
Male 1: "Dude wouldn't it be fun to jerk off together next time we watch Broke Back Mountain?"

Male 2: "Wtf are you doing with your life...."

Male 1: "No homo though!"

Male 2: "Reasonable enough."
by holycurryjesus March 23, 2010
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to rule out the homosexual context of a something said to another man.
by diamond cutter October 01, 2003
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phrase NOT coined by Cam'Ron, but by his young protege Juelz Santana.

used after a phrase that sounds ambigously gay or 'homo', so that your friends won't call you a 'homo'

very homophobic.
'no homo but we cockin' em' - Juelz Santana

'yo homie, i just spent five hours talking with my man on the phone, no homo' - random dude
by Johnny Twoguns August 13, 2004
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1.) A term used to verify one's (usually male) heterosexuality after making a somewhat homosexual comment. Commonly used to de-gay an othwise gay comment.

2.) Used by one to let another person know his actions/comments are homo.
1.) "These boots would look cute with my man-skirt no homo."

"Let me caress your thighs dawg no homo."

"I'll fuck you up the ass nigga no homo."

2.) John pinches Harold's ass.

Harold: No homo dawg no homo.
by TheSilentHero May 09, 2008
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A phrase said after something that may be misconstrued as homosexual.
I'm gonna fuck you in your ass and cum inside you, then you gonna eat the cum that drip out, whiteboy. No homo.
by RapeUboyz July 05, 2006
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An Adjective: A phrase typically used in conjunction with a salutation, used in a setting where a group of at least two men greet at least two other men in a potentially effeminate manner, to articulate that the interaction contains, nor can there be derived from any homosexual context or meaning.
Stan and Alex hugged their friends Bill and Paul when they met at La Guardia Internation Airport, and Stan quickly stated "nohomo" as they embraced.

"Nohomo!" One of the group cried, as all of them shed tears for their fallen brother, who caused a 179 car pileup on the I-75 after seventeen tequilla shooters and ten beers.
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It is added in a sentence:
1. to make it sound less gay.
2. to say if you're not kidding; Seriously.
1. Paul and I had each other's back all the time, no homo.
2. No homo though, Paul was a good friend.
by joooon July 26, 2005
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