Phrase used after one inadvertently says something that sounds gay.
Amazing Phil to DanIsNotOnFire

by Skyler "Phan Howlter" Games March 13, 2016
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No homo in reality means no homosexuality, meaning you didn't intent the word to be taken in a homosexual way. No homo can also mean No! Homo! Which is when the meaning is taken homosexually by a gay man and attracts them, and No! Homo! is used to ward them off.
Man 1: Dude this basketball is so hard, these are the types of balls I like.
Man 2: Woah! No homo right?
Man 1: Yeah! No homo.

Example 2
Kid: I really like long italian sausages! No homo

Example 3
Kanye West: How you can go from bein' Joe Blow to everybody on yo' dick no homo.

Example 4
Eminem: All you lil' faggots can suck it, No homo, but I'ma stick it to 'em like refrigerator magnets!
by TheMainOneAndOnlyBigD June 11, 2013
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A word used when a homosexual tries to be open about their options only to be judged by people and wishes to reverse everything they have said.
Gay: ooh look at that guy he’s fit
judgy person: eww but your a guy
gay:(sweats profusely) aha umm no homo man
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by Queen of the gays February 02, 2019
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"no homo" is a phrase that it commonly used at the end of a sentence (or anytime in a sentence) to show how what someone has just said was not ment to be taken in a gay way.
Bob the Builder: Oh you look really good in that shirt, Squidy.
Squiward:?? Nani??
Bob the Builder: Oh no homo man
Squiward: Oh thanks Bob
Bob the Builder: Your welcome Squidy Boi
by The Yeet and Trash Godess December 04, 2018
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No homo is a phrase that u use after having sexual experience with ur homie and it stops u from being a gejo
*finishes sucking his homies sexual organ*
Homie1:Hey dude no homo!
Homie2:No homo dude!
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by PickinDim June 16, 2018
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a phrase used for defence from any controversy of being homosexual after saying something which could be mistaken as sounding gay
Ben: "Hey bro, nice jumper- no homo though !"
by iamjesus101 May 08, 2017
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When I guy compliments a guy without trying to seem homo.
Dude. You're rocking those sunglasses! No homo.
by Beemomdad March 15, 2017
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