Over the counter pills (usually caffinated) consumed with the intent of keeping one self awake. Commonly exaggerated to be a very potent substitue for sleep. In reality one tablet is the equivalent to two cups of coffe.
Man, I'm glad I took that no doze before class today. I was so sleepy.
by Justin Bailey September 21, 2003
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"dude, i just snorted up the purest line of no doze you've ever seen!"
by Rabid December 6, 2003
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1. d00d i hate doze.. windoze that is.
2. I dozed off in Geometry class..
by Ben February 20, 2005
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A person who looks confused, doesn't understand the simplest things for a short period, or says stupid things without thinking.
*trying to decide what Ross should get on his school hoodie*

Matt: Get "Rossalicious"!

Ross: No *laughs in a very dozey fashion*

Andy: Get "Rosserific"

Ross: No

Matt: Get "Rossasaurus"

Ross I don't like dinosaurs!

*Everyone laughs at how dozey Ross is*
by bonerfied November 27, 2010
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A doze is someone who is quite forgetful, says odd things, or looks very confused.

also someone who wears there tshirt inside out without realising.
Matt: Lol check ross, he is just pure doze
Mike: why so matthew?
Matt: His T-shirt is inside out and he is doing his maths oblivious to everything!
Mike: Good eye you have matt, well done, ross is a doze!
ross(doze): OW THAT NIPS!
by soofking September 8, 2010
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The computers crashed a lot since they were all running doze.
by cazort September 16, 2003
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A term describing a severe act of stupidity that is emphasized by social ineptness, particularly saying or doing things of immaturity and creepiness, often times with members of the opposite sex.
Guy #1: "dude I'm going to get really high, eat 12 tacos, and then approach a hot girl"
Guy #2: wow man you're seriously dozing right now
by Danknugs420 April 15, 2011
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