A really awesome sports car by Nissan, that is hot in the drifting scene.
A Nissan 240sx can do a braking drift really well.
by Nareema April 24, 2006
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quite possibly one of the most adverse cars in the world.the prick that wrote they suck below me is a moron.it comes with a ka24e single cam motor, or ka24de dual cam motor.and when boosted the car rips mustangs and porsches in half. other versions such as the silvia come with the sr20det and occasionally the ca18det. while the 180sx comes with ca18det. they are quite fast when done right. and personally i blow mustangs 5.0 on the highway as if they were civics with my ka24de turbo.
-you see that hick try to race the nissan 240sx in his camaro
- yeh that little 4-banger left him in the dust
by boobies mcgee April 27, 2007
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a sporty front engine, rear drive coupe produced by Nissan, built in Japan and sold in the US. It is made up of two generations, the S13 and the S14.
1989-1990 S13 "Zenki" has a KA24E 2.4L SOHC I-4
1991-1994 S13 "Chucki" upgraded to a KA24DE 2.4L DOHC I-4, which remained until the car was discontinued
1995-1996 S14b "Zenki"
1997-1998 S14a "Kouki" (facelift)
In it's stock form, a 240sx is not very fast (The Z32 300zx TT is faster, as well as the A32 Maxima) but it is a good platform for performance upgrades.
Popular modifications include swapping out the KA24DE for a SR20DE, which is used in the Japanese version of the 240sx. Adding a turbo is also common. However, the best 240sx modification is the LSx swap. This consists of replacing the stock nissan drivetrain with a General Motors LS1 smallblock V8 and Borg-Warner T-56 transmission. This brings the 240sx from a sports car to a race car.
Wow, look at that nissan 240sx - it's pretty quick and stylish!

My friend's nissan 240sx has coilovers and has very good handling.

Why is that nissan 240sx running a 10 second quarter mile? Oh, he's got a turbo LS2 in it and drag slicks, that's why.
by tayyattayyat August 30, 2008
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The nissan 240sx was a cheap car made in Japan for american market. Sports the horrible K24DE engine. Not meant for racing but some ppl tend to "Rice them out" Considered to be a passenger car due to meager power from the weak K24DE engine. Will never be a true sports car.
Clark: Dude you know that kid corey with the Nissan you know that piece of shit 240sx that he only paid 1,600 for tried racing that v6 Mustang and got his ass handed to him.

Kendall: Yeah but the best thing is a Porsche 951 came out of nowhere when they were racing and handed both of them their ass.

Kurt: Yah the nissan 240sx sucks
by Ironjaw August 19, 2006
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