Beautiful place to live in southern california...located in riverside getting exspensive to live in the 951 area..the top 25 list voted riverside county as the 24th most exspensive area to purcase a home in the USA. Cities in 951 are Corona, country, murrieta, suburbs...borders. San Diego County, San Bernadino and The County of Orange. Is approx 35 miles away from Los Angeles,
A beautiful place to live and raise a family
by support our troops February 3, 2005
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Also called Riverside County. Its a really nice place. All though very expensive. Filled with differant races and differant stereotypes. Some people that are stereotypical would say everyone in the 951 area is a bro or bro hoe and like raised trucks and stuff like that. I think I know what a raised truck is, but I think I don't. And I live there! It's not really that "ghetto" either, its filled with mostly track homes. Its your typical little towns. In Murrieta we have 3 middle schools, 3 high schools, a movie theater, billions of track homes, I think 3 or 4 elementary schools. Its typical, nothing really special. Thats about it.
951 is just like the little town I passed by 10 minutes ago.
by WoahMorgan August 31, 2008
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Where the Inland Empire tosses all their garbage. Formerly known as the 909. An expanse of ghetto dirt yards inhabited by rabid dogs, bro hoes and meth labs. Might as well be called the 420.
"I'm from the 951."
"What the fuck are you talking about, you peice of trash?"
by Imalia Hernandez July 23, 2008
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Places in Riverside County; Riverside, Corona, Temecula, Murrieta, Hemet, DHS. I live in Eastside Riverside, I grew up here and I’d say it’s pretty ghetto but not as much as it used to be. Houses are expensive. I live in a 700sqft house with 1 bedroom with 5 people. Our rent is $500. The people are mostly great people where I’m from. Aye but don’t make enemies, I swear to god, I got stabbed on the bus. Prefect place to raise a family to build a back bone. I’m definitely raising my kids here because this is where my family is at. Love this place ong.
Aye you tryna come over.
Alright where you stay at?
951 Eastside.
Oh shit, bet.
by IzzyGaona November 30, 2019
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is probably the shittiest place in the world hands down. there are bums everywhere & the rich kids act as white trash as they possibly can while their parents drive their hummers around. its mostly consisting of "bros" and "bro hoes". it smells and the people who dont get their education stay here & spend most of their time at the hookah bar...and eventually become a bum as well.

on a good note, this place is jam packed with mormons who are actually really good people :

This place has a horrible name and while i hate living here its not that bad. im not white trash at all. some people are just unfortunate & end up here not by choice. i graduated high school ON TIME with a DIPLOMA and 3.0 gpa & a scholarship & im in college without any intention of dropping out. i also have a job & work hard everyday. so, what im really getting at is the stereotype kind of disgusts me at times. because im anything but the majority of trashy people who live here.

thanks for reading :
friend: omg did you see those girls?
me: no. why?
friend: there were like 3 of them, they were all bffs & pregnant! they were all high as hell too & paying for their chips with their food stamps...oh there are their fat boyfriends who dont have jobs...their tattoos look like shit.
me: im so glad you cant really tell the IM from 951, and thank god my area code is 714 :
by littlemissme:] March 11, 2010
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The former part of the 909. 951 is where the 909's white trash resides. Thankfully we (Chino, Chino Hills, Diamond Bar, Ontariom, Most of Redlands, Big Bear) are seperated from the white trash (Most of Riverside County and San Berdoo).
Me: I'm from the 909
Me: No, your thinking of the new 951 Area Code!
Some Guy: My bad. Your like a 714 or 626 guy!
by RandyC July 11, 2004
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internal model number for porsche 944 turbo
my 951 just left that RSX Type S eating my dust.
by nknasi December 18, 2007
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