Stock Nissan USA engine mostly used in the 240sx. KA = model, 24 = 2.4 liter, D = Double Over Head Cam, E = Electronic Fuel Injection.
A turboed Ka24de is a good match for the Sr20.
by Darius_20 July 23, 2005
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1. a 2.4ltr, 4 cylinder, fuel-injected, dual overhead cammed engine, manufactured by NISSAN motor company between the years 1991 and 1999. it was put in numerous models of the nissan lineup and was known for its strong iron block. it was produced for the American and Canadian domestic markets.
2. also known to spin rod bearings
3. rarely, but done, turboed by insane, nissanoholics.
4. came in two flavors, 1991-1993 and 1993-1999. also put in automatic, manual, FWD, and RWD setups.
"I swapped my ka24de out for an SR20"

"this damn KA blew again"

"I spun a rod bearing on the ol' KA again"

"doesnt that s13 have a KA-t in it?"
by AJ ::beingdevious:: February 27, 2005
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1. An absolutely magnificent and superior piece of machinery manufactured by Nissan USA. Heads and shoulders above its lame JDM counterparts *cough* SR20 *cough* with limitless power potential, and superior tuning ability. Motor for true tuners and Nissanaholics who don't chose to bitch out.
1. Wonder if that douchebag with the SR20 knows he just got owned by a KA24.

2. USDM (KA24DE) > JDM (SR20DET)

3. Whoa, what'd that guy turn in the 1/4 mile? He HAS to have a KA in that thing, there's no way an SR20 could do that.
by Shaefer Thomas June 9, 2005
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