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a sporty front engine, rear drive coupe produced by Nissan, built in Japan and sold in the US. It is made up of two generations, the S13 and the S14.
1989-1990 S13 "Zenki" has a KA24E 2.4L SOHC I-4
1991-1994 S13 "Chucki" upgraded to a KA24DE 2.4L DOHC I-4, which remained until the car was discontinued
1995-1996 S14b "Zenki"
1997-1998 S14a "Kouki" (facelift)
In it's stock form, a 240sx is not very fast (The Z32 300zx TT is faster, as well as the A32 Maxima) but it is a good platform for performance upgrades.
Popular modifications include swapping out the KA24DE for a SR20DE, which is used in the Japanese version of the 240sx. Adding a turbo is also common. However, the best 240sx modification is the LSx swap. This consists of replacing the stock nissan drivetrain with a General Motors LS1 smallblock V8 and Borg-Warner T-56 transmission. This brings the 240sx from a sports car to a race car.
Wow, look at that nissan 240sx - it's pretty quick and stylish!

My friend's nissan 240sx has coilovers and has very good handling.

Why is that nissan 240sx running a 10 second quarter mile? Oh, he's got a turbo LS2 in it and drag slicks, that's why.
by tayyattayyat August 30, 2008
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