Verb. To undo the act of seeing something; to erase the memory of having seen something, or otherwise reverse the effect of having seen something.
by Jimmybone D May 13, 2010
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Adj. Used to describe an object so horrific that it becomes seared into your retinas such that it can never be forgotten.

See also: goatse, tubgirl, What the fuck, goggles
Hey, look what I found on /b/.
by Rehn March 27, 2007
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When you see someone you may know and the two of you look at each other for a few seconds and ask each other to unsee each other.Baisically seeing a freind of yours in public and you both act like you did not just see each other .
E.g. "Nicki Manaj and Remy ma unseed each other on the weekend. "
by HOLLA MIGOS April 20, 2017
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when something is so cursed you drink this
person: OH GOD I WISH I HAD NEVER SAW THIS *drinks unsee juice*
by BRUHMOMENT694201337 May 14, 2020
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When you see something so disturbing you want to forget the sight of it, but you can't. Your brain is permanently scarred.
I watched 2 Girls 1 Cup the other day and now I can't unsee it. It's burned into my brain!
by OntologicallyUneek June 3, 2014
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We would recommend keeping some in your bag at all times.
Guy 1: Bro look at my dick it's tiny
Guy 2: *Big sip*
Guy 1: Where'd you get that unsee juice give it to me
by fatfuck4 August 5, 2020
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step one: get bleach
step two: pour in eyes
step three: all done
person 1: i saw a gacha heat how to unsee?
by violetisthebest July 30, 2021
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