slang for "nigga"
You be a badass nicka with those dubs...
by Big Daddy C May 28, 2003
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(white person to white person)

Hey, muh nicka...I'm gonna go bother some chickens
by M.J. Kimberly October 2, 2006
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A modern nickname for a girl.

She may be cold as f*ck but she's your girl, she's not showy but she loves and cares about the people around her in secret.

She often can be a bit dark sometimes but she's also bubbly and a weirdo in the in the outside.
What's that girls name again, was it Nicka? She seems intimidating.

Nicka may not be fond of parties and gatherings but she is the party.

Nicka keeps everything for herself because she thinks she can deal with it alone.

~kidding this is written by a Nicka.

IG: akcinmejnaif_
by akcinmejnaif November 24, 2021
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Nicka nicka rich: is a term used to describe Those who play or act or try to deceive others that they got $$ n girls or balling on social media and or people they first meet but don’t have shit just hating on those who do
Dude #1 I got $$ n ho.s

Me: no you don’t you broke dick and got no play so stop acting nicka nicka rich💯🤪🤣
by k187c June 2, 2019
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One that reminisces about old times simply to fulfill their lonely life, even though no one really cares. Enjoys the peen, pondering the winky, and other various activities. (see peppermint swirl or dirty pirate)
"Can you believe how lame that kid is? What a Nicka!"
by Chelsea and Sue November 27, 2007
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A dumbass usually named Lucas that does weird shit and humps the air around him, like to sing badlyZ
It’s that a nicka flicka?
Yup there’s Lucas
What a retard
by Ay daddy February 4, 2019
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