Ms Ho Ching, the wife of Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, shared a link to an article from Taiwan News entitled, ‘Taiwan to donate medical masks to Singapore,’ with the short and rather cryptic caption of “Errrr….” .
Unfortunately, this was perceived as an ungracious and impolite response by many netizens, especially the Taiwanese.

Now often used by Singaporean to tease radical Taiwanese for online arguments.
A: Singapore is much better than Taiwan.
B: Who said that? Taiwan always No. 1!
A: Why are you so errrr?
by Pure_Taiwanese April 22, 2020
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a noise you make while making the ugliest face you could ever make.
alex did the face and said errrr
by errfuckyou September 30, 2010
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Person A "I really feel that Francis Bacon's work convey's a raw sexuality as well as a certain meaningless of life in general."

Person B "Errrrr Yearhh"
by chikatillo2002 August 16, 2009
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One girl. Six cocks. Countless memories.
Guy #1: We gangbanged Joanne last night.
Guy #2: Six in errrrrrrrrrr!
Guy #1: Yeah.
by Shitsicle Jones October 20, 2009
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An alternative form of Ohhh Noooo! By simply replacing the vowels with "r's." It is usually used in a sarcastic or humorous way.
Friend 1: "My dog died today."

Friend 2: "Dang, that sucks dude."

Friend 1: "Then I found out my boyfriend has syphilis."

Friend 2: "Errrr Nrrrrrrr!"
by Ashwhaaaaat January 19, 2010
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