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An .NFO main use is to contain information about a certian computer system. Users can save their computer specification as a .NFO and share with others - usually for technical support reasons.

It is also used with pirate software packages by groups such as 'Paradox' who consider an .nfo as a way of being elite. If opened in notepad, the file is a simple text file, usually containing an ASCII logo, the software piraters name and the serial number to the package.
Paradox: Yes! We use .NFO's ! Everyone knows we mean business!
by SnipaMasta January 08, 2006
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Near Fatal Orgasm

A highly volatile and incredibly pleasurable orgasm that takes the lucky bastard to the brink of death.
Jenny: Holy shit, Brandon Flowers just gave me a NFO!
Barry: You too huh?
by Busty Barry July 28, 2010
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The .nfo file included with a pirated software package. Those in the know will open this with MS Notepad, as it is actually a plain text file. The nfo usually contains a pirate "crew"'s ascii art logo at the top, which bears a resemblance to raw code to the uninitiated, and gets mangled into gibberish if opened in anything other than Notepad.

Usually associated with: ISO, crew, rar, crack, keygen, rip, reg, courier, 0-day.
Q: "I opened the rar from the 0-day. Many thanks to the courier & crew for this one; glad it's not a big ISO. But where's the serial number? Or do I have to use a keygen to reg this rip?"

A: "Just open up the nfo, newbie. The cereal is in there."
by Nupe January 06, 2004
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Text files that contain information have the extension of ".nfo", so that it's easier to distinguish what is contained within.
by Infographics February 03, 2009
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Nipple Freak Out
-often happens to females when cold and/or aroused
Rachael: OH! NFO! I must go put on a bra!
Martha: It's okay, you can wear my sweater.
Rachael: Thanks, friend! You are very sexy by the way.

Georgia: Oh DEAR! It's so nippy noodles outside! I'm NFO-ing!!!!
by gossa May 27, 2009
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No Fair Ones. Style of street brawling originated in Far Rockaway and Inwood L.I. It means no 1 on 1 fighting. All 1 on 1 fights are disrupted by a group of 10 or more blacks which then jump the person who is beating their freind. It is conisidered pussy in areas outside of Inwood Long Island. It also conists of lying after the fight and saying that the person who was losing at the beginning and needed his freinds to jump in actually won all by himself.
Yo when they jumped in they used them N.F.O Tactics, there sooo cool...
by Fuck NFO October 01, 2004
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No Fair Ones. When people fight and people jump in and stomp everyone out.
"You see how they fight?"

"Yeah, i couldn't even shoot it cause they all jumped in"

"They fight NFO"
by hahahahahahahahahaha1 June 16, 2011
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