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Being a bonafide hustler, never w/o money, grind till person get it, always on P's and Q's, a legend too every dat knows or heard of dat person
Man dat nigga JT a newsome, he too real, can't nobody stop dat guy.
by RED $ HEAD January 06, 2010
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verb., To be part of a same-sex couple whose relationship is recognized in a ceremony presided over by a city or county official and which may or may not be recognized by the state or federal government in the future.
Steve and I are driving to Portland to get newsomed. Come take our picture at the ceremony!
by inscrutabullwit March 11, 2004
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The last name of a man who has a good heart but letโ€™s his woman control his life. He will be your best friend and is very loyal but, he will put his significant other first. Extremely jealous and, will choose to settle rather than follow his heart. Deserving of true love he will chose a life of familiarity and comfortability rather than love and, happiness. He can be a asshole at times but, thatโ€™s just the way Newsomeโ€™s are.
Dude, your a total Newsome right now!
by Thatrillest February 04, 2018
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