Newsom - the surname of the smartest people in the planet.
"I don't know the answer to question 12!"

"Well, ask Newsom! He's crazy smart!"
by BlanketWarmer January 16, 2009
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When a man cums into another man's anus. Then proceeds to felch his own semen from his partners rectum with a straw. At this point he then feeds his own semen back to his partner in the form of a snow ball.
Rob called in sick to work yesterday after his weekend activities in which he was Newsom'd by a large back man which actually resulted in anal bleedage.
by JWIS March 8, 2011
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Being a bonafide hustler, never w/o money, grind till person get it, always on P's and Q's, a legend too every dat knows or heard of dat person
Man dat nigga JT a newsome, he too real, can't nobody stop dat guy.
by RED $ HEAD January 6, 2010
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Verb. To sleep with your good friend and campaign manager's wife, be an unabashed alcoholic (by showing up at a dying policeman's bedside totally wasted) and still look damn good doing it. (Also helps if you once authorized same sex marriages in your city).
I can't believe I just won the election for mayor! This town is going to get Newsomed!
by Gavin Newsom March 7, 2007
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(verb) to talk about how dangerous corona virus is and promote CDC guidelines, while simultaneously not following CDC guidelines.
Nancy Pelosi Newsomed at a fucking hair salon with no mask.
by please enter your username February 18, 2021
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red headed slut. usually turned away in rejection but comes back when sexual advancements are made
i wish these newsom's would back da fuck up off me
by MAX January 30, 2003
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recieves Summer's Eve To Get rid of vaginal stinkyness
Rachel used the summer's eve that was placed on her car to get rid of that unsightly stench
by Jared February 6, 2003
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