Word Shep uses for netflix
P1: Anything good on netters
P2: What's netters
P1: Netflix
P2: Oh
by ShepTheHusky April 7, 2020
a professional, normally a lawyer, who strives to bring in business by the droves following business development seminars forced on them by evil bosses who think they have nothing better to do with their Saturdays.

Netters can be characterized by their inability to feel used, and enthusiastic go-getter attitudes at dorky conferences where potential victims convene. Netters are distinguished from prostitutes only by the fact that they wear suits, have business cards, and are normally so unattractive that even lonely dorky conference attenders who've heavily profited from the open bar wouldn't, quote, "hit that up if they paid me." However, in an ironic twist, some of these attendees have actually later paid quite willingly when served within 24 hours of meeting said netter.

Unlike rainmakers or networkers, netters lack real charm and are also tasked with actually having to work on the cases they bring in, usually resulting in a dull empty feeling on the part of the client that they have, indeed, been "nettered." However, such a feeling will be relieved when client receives annual fruit basket from the firm.

The international symbol of the netter is a shepherd's crook, crossed with a "Hello my name is ____" badge.
How much has she nettered in the past year? Just that much? Let's pass on that partner offer.
by charismeee January 12, 2011
A Usenet regular. See also 'Webbie' and 'RL'
I've been a Netter for 10 years, hangin mostly in teh Flonk and A26.
by Onideus Mad Hatter September 24, 2006
A Netter, not as ugly as a Bagger. Face only partially covered by a Net instead of a Bag.
-Maria is such a Bagger!
-Dont push it she's not that bad; what about a Netter?
by zellner September 10, 2011
Wicked cool dude. Likes beer and women, or beer on women, or women who consume beer.

Way cooler than Evan, Dennis and Jim, and has way better luck with the ladies.

Has a golden star from Lana.

Once again, way cooler than the above.
Netter, that guy is the guy man.
by Jay October 8, 2004
The act of wanting to better yourself after 40, but having negative consequences instead
I was trying to exercise but to my netterment, I threw my back out instead.
by Mahokro7189 May 12, 2011
A person of questionable intelligence or an act of stupidty.
See also corky
He pulled a real netter by stepping in front of the bus.
by Dennis October 21, 2004