Usenet, or Unix User Network is a communications medium in which users read and post textual messages (called "articles") to a number of distributed bulletin boards (called "newsgroups"). The medium is sustained among a large number of servers, which store and forward messages with one another. Usenet is of significant cultural importance in the networked world, having given rise to, or popularized, many widely recognized concepts and terms such as "FAQ" and "spam".
I found the information on Usenet.
by gengar56 January 4, 2004
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A long-standing system of internet bulletin-boards divided by topic into "newsgroups". Unlike other forms of online communities, Usenet groups are usually accessed by email client or newsreader program rather than an internet provider. Although internet providers and news servers can block access to potentially illegal newsgroups and assign moderators, the Usenet environment is generally a self-controlling anarchy. Although its dated system of message posting limits file size and prevents the easy transfer of large files such as software and videos, it's an easy way to amass a gargantuan collection of pornographic pictures.
My girlfriend cheated on me, so I posted all her naked pictures on Usenet. You can find her on
by gooberliberation December 19, 2005
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Originally intended for people to discuss topics on newsgroups, but now it's about 90+% links to porn sites and phone sex numbers. Alot isn't even simple porn anymore.
I found 6000 links to a Monica Lewinsky style phone sex line on the James Burke newsgroup. What the hell?
by Mr. Mister July 5, 2004
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A black hole of spam, kooks, pedophiles, and every other type of weirdo you could ever dream of running into. Anarchy at it's finest.
I'm bored out of my freaking mind. I think I'll check out usenet and laugh at the freaks.
by Frogbutt November 30, 2004
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The Black Market of the internet. anything you want to find will be on it. any stupid shit you get off of iRC, kazaa lite, etc originally came off of usenet
dude ive downloaded 37 complete dvds on usenet and then burned them to dvds that run in any dvd player. haha and they only cost me a buck fifty a piece and only take 2 hours to download with dsl. BITCH
by the-commander June 15, 2004
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To acknowledge a statement by not replying.

The assumption is that all involved heard/read what was said (as would usually be the case on small Usenet newsgroups), all agreed upon it enough not to object, and no one had any objections, so the statement is presumed to have been heard and acknowledged.
Guy: "Revenge of the Sith was the worst movie ever."
Group: "..." <-- usenet nod
Guy: "No one liked it? Good."
by Logical Dash January 28, 2006
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