Sales done by overpaid new media executives who don't need a commission. Often referred to as "bd" or "biz dev" to make sales people sound cool.
Ray closed a whopper business development (bd) deal with XYZ company last week and it goes straight to our bottom line.
by sodafef February 1, 2011
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Some asshole in a suit who thinks hes classy, but in reality, its the biggest dick known to mankind. They try to fool you with their smart title, because they dont want it revealed that they are low rent scum, much like used car salesmen and Bobblett Brothers Trucking out of Lexington Kentucky.
That guys card said he was a business development officer, but I think hes a real fuckin dick.
by STFUnGFY December 1, 2015
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An unqualified individual who thru what seems like sheer magic manages to get themselves a job at a real estate company. Have they ever sold real estate? no, have they ever done mortgages? no, have they ever done closings? no. Their only skill is simply to be able to spot companies with weak leadership who allow them to collect a salary for doing absolutely nothing of meaning or tangible value for the organizations they represent.
Uber Driver: If you need any help with your Real Estate needs I can point you in the right direction, I just do this for fun, I'm actually a Real Estate Business Developer for a Real Estate company.
Passenger: So you sell real estate?
Uber Driver: Nah, I just watch tik toks and make posts in social media with quotes I find about authenticity, power and confidence.
Passenger: You missed my stop
by Agente Secreto January 19, 2023
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