beautiful brown eyes. so nice and just perfect all around but she will kick some ass if she needs to. she stands up for her friends and has a lot of friends. she doesn’t think she’s absolutely beautiful, perfect, cute, and just flat out amazing and she will fight with you on it. nessa’s get fucked over by guys a lot but a lot of guys want her. if you are lucky enough to date a nessa then never let her go and don’t even try to cheat on her because you will never find someone better.
“hey did you here that he’s dating nessa?”

“ya he’s one lucky guy. he better never let that girl go”
by hehdhdjsnd February 25, 2019
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the most amazing beautiful person you’ll ever meet she is so kind and is perfect in every single way you are lucky to have a nessa in your life if you do. she will stick by your side no matter what and she will always love you even when you’re down. A Nessa will always love you and you will always love her because she such an amazing fun person. you are so damn lucky to have a nessa in your life <3
did you hear Nessa is her idol? she’s one lucky girl
by nessas biggest fan March 17, 2021
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The term used when a person is so cool...even the word cool is not cool enough...
that is so nessa......= )
by lou.... May 12, 2006
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nessa is usally a name for girls who are in painnnnnnnnnnn
i think nessa is in painnnnnnnnnnnnnn
by timotheeismylifeee September 27, 2020
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to be skilled in driving on halo pc and have the reflexes of a mongoose. to be able to know where your going and accomplishing it before even starting before you begin a race type map.
person 1: omg you got a 59.86 on that lap

person2: yea i drive pretty good huh

person 1: hell yea dude!! you pulled a nessa all over that track.
by crkd-pepsi June 22, 2006
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Shortened form of "necessary".
"I don't think that will be necess-"
"Yes, it IS nessa."
by Behest September 10, 2006
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