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When you're totally trashed and the entire world starts whirling around you, often going faster and faster.
Beware, 8 times out of 10 means that heaving your guts out will happen in the near future, so get near a bathroom/trashcan/garbage bag.
To help them go away, stand up if you're sitting down, pick an object a little ways away, concentrate on it, count to 20, close your eyes, see if the spins are still there, then open your eyes and repeat if they are.
Often goes hand in hand with vodka.
"Shit, guys, I can't move right now.. I've got the spins so fucking bad..."
by Behest October 14, 2007

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("mwai") A sound used when deep in thought to pass the time audibly while you try to come to an answer.

It is derived from Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, in which the character Malvolio sits pondering the letters "M.O.A.I.," trying to decide if they refer to his own name.
"We need to leave at... moai... seven-ish?"
by Behest August 11, 2006

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instance in which a person acts extremely emo, whining about how awful their life is, how no one understands what they have to go through, etcetera, etcetera, and generally is just an extreme nuisance by refusing to hear reason
Don't even bother trying to talk to her right now... She's having an emofest.
by Behest May 21, 2006

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1. An asshole, usually male, who attempts to make himself look badass, when in reality, he is a sniveling wimp and entirely too effeminate

2. Can be used as an exclamation of disappointment.
"I hope you know how much your physical well-being is worth to you, cause I'm gonna kick your ass hardcore!"
"Dude.. calm down, frizzledick."

"Royal flush!"
by Behest August 11, 2006

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Typical Spanish drink involving one part very cheap vino tinto (red wine) and one part Coca Cola, mixed together and consumed by Spanish teenagers. Very popular as a part of a botellón because of its indistinguishability from regular Coca Cola, its sweet taste, and its very low price.
"Look at those sixteen-year-olds drinking calimocha in the park. I can't believe they haven't gotten arrested yet."
by Behest March 16, 2009

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"Tripping balls" on drugs, ie, quite high indeed.
The more intense version of alto.
We're all alto, but she is fucking altoid over there.
by Behest October 14, 2007

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High on drugs. See altoid.
I am feeling pretty alto right now, man.
by Behest October 14, 2007

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