When you can see a man's or woman's hard nipple(s) protruding through his or her shirt. See also smuggling raisins.
Man, Chris and Mason were nerping hard when the air conditioning came on!
by FRizzo August 23, 2005
variation of "nope" which is slang for "no".
1: you goin to the movies tonight dude?
2: nerp.
by jaaaasmin August 30, 2007
1: A lower version of the resputin dance

2: A form of luck in which one does the nerp and can do anything
1: He did the nerp in front of the class.

2: He put some nerp in it and was able to make the 3 point shot.
by Dictionare2560 July 10, 2022
When you have herpes on or around the nipple region.
Ew, I was about to go down on Sandy when I realized that she had Nerpes!
by The Red Ranger April 18, 2006
Nerps - almost always used in the plural, when referring to a set of nipples.
She had chewy nerps.
by Judster October 10, 2004
(adj.) A Nefarious Twerp, or a Nerp, is a loud-mouthed individual with an over-inflated opinion of him or herself, who forces uncomfortable small talk in lifts or tight spaces. Experts in saying absolutely nothing in a lot of words. Typically comes in the form of a recruitment consultant, estate agent or a sales executive.
"I ran into John again in the lift on Floor 2, the doors didn't close in time"

"What a Nerp!"
by obnoxiouswordssoundsmarter November 17, 2015