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The most beautiful, amazing, kind, and hottest actress alive, Even if i was gay(not bi) i would still do her.
No more words needed.
by Fuckthepainaway February 16, 2005

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A stupid fucking holiday where guys have to spend from $1,000-100,000 on their wife or girlfriend, and when single people have to endure the "hey what did you get for valentines day,or HEY OH MY GODDDDDD LOOK AT THIS BRACELET JAKE BOUGHT ME OMMGGGGGG ITS SO BEAUTIFUL NOW WHAT DID YOU GET ME AND HOW MUCH DID YOU SPEND %1,000,000? OH MY GODDDD I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH.
No bitch I didn't get you shit.
Roses are red, violets are blue
bacardi, jack, yager, and jews.
by Fuckthepainaway February 16, 2005

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An STD(Sexually transmitted disease) that most people get from having sexual interactions,IV drugs, and Needles.
Brian: What did you get for christmas joe?
by Fuckthepainaway January 29, 2005

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One of the greatest industrial bands, composed of 1 memeber, Trent Reznor(greatest musician). The reason i said one of the greatest bands, and not THE greatest band is because The faint, Skinny puppy, Wumpscut, and Frontline Assembly are great bands too.
Trent IS inspiration.
by Fuckthepainaway February 16, 2005

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Its not self-explanitory, it occurs when there is either an incest relationship because they did not spread apart the genes, therefor resulting in a shallow gene pool.

OR when a child is just plain out retarded..
Crackwhore: my uncle, dad, and brother all raped me, im also retarded so thats why im a retarded fuckchild.
by Fuckthepainaway April 08, 2005

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Same thing as Pepsi, a scam.

Guy 2: Told you, you were gonna get fucked.
by Fuckthepainaway March 21, 2005

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Great band, with the best known song "I disappear", which pretty much got old after 2 days. Some of my favorite songs from them are: Agenda Suicide, Glass danse, and Dust.
-No need for more words-
by Fuckthepainaway February 16, 2005

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