To play music really loud
Stop blaring the raver shit! ! !
by Anonymous September 14, 2003
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To ignite, light-up, spark-up, set on fire, smoke
Dude, let's trek in the woods and blare that bowl of skunk-weed.
by Mitch F October 15, 2007
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A blare is a flare within a bong. When the bottom sparks and you completely rip.
Yo I just hopped on the bong and completely blared it. I’m as high as the galaxies.
by ThePriest69420 October 24, 2020
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Used as an adjective. Beyond and superior to realistic measures to the point of irony. Intending to be ironic. As a joke or for just descriptions.
Originated from a classmates car he owned it high school.

"It was an '87 Camaro LT 5 speed. Stocked with a BLARING 2.8 Liter engine!!!"

"Oh here comes that BLARING fast Camaro!"

"What's the problem officer? Did you see a BLARING Blue Camaro fly by here? No I didn't, oh wait an 80s LT camaro? YEAH? Clocked him in the school zone...little racer was blaring thru it at 10 under!
by Grady G January 24, 2008
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During sex, when you pull out and ejaculate on a girl's stomach and then proceed to blow on it to dry it out.
I tried to complete the Breezy Blare, but that bitch did the Ford Up! and got my own cum on my face!
by Cichlid January 18, 2015
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To be unbelievably fucked up. Most likely from alcohol.
Rick:I just drank a bottle of captain and smoked 2 blunts.
Kyle: Damn g you must be blared up.
by Pick65frg December 6, 2016
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the 1st day where its warm enough to role ur windows down and b/c of that u blare rap no matter what ur skin color or musical preference, its the only day white ppl can get are allowed to blare rap w/o fear of a black person jumping them
Quienten: check out that white boy blaring rap with his windows down
Rudy: dam that shit is wack
Quienten: lets jump him then jack his shit
Rudy: Any other day i would love to, but its rap blare day so we gotta leave him alone.
Quienten: dam
by Deshaun Thomas March 30, 2006
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