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A war-hawk, usually without any military experience, who calls themself a conservative even though they couldn't care less about the size or scope of the federal government. Their only goal domestically is to marginalize the conservative/libertarian wing of the Republican party.
The neoconservatives in Bush administration are pissing on Barry Goldwater's grave.
by Chris in NJ April 23, 2004

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derogatory term used to describe the facial expression white people make while dancing
You could see Uncle Charlie's white man's overbite every time he did the white man shuffle.
by Chris in NJ December 06, 2004

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A conservative Republican who supports the Bush administration no matter how badly they betray conservative principles. See also Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity
Real conservative:
George Bush has pushed and/or signed "No Child Left Behind", new medicare entitlements, creation of the TSA, campaign finance "reform", amnesty for illegal aliens, and expanded the federal government faster than any President since Johnson. He's tried to appoint a crony to the supreme court, despite promising a real conservative. He's gotten us involved in the same nation-building experiment we were complaining about during the Clinton years. He's NOT a conservative!

Yeah, well you're just a liberal weenie. I bet you don't even support the troops. You vile, disgusting, unpatriotic puke. You make me sick. Why don't you go have a beer with Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton if you love them so much?
by Chris in NJ February 16, 2006

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