Sally: I went streaking yesterday.
Billy: *waits for her to go into detail, etc.*
Sally: tmi?
Billy: no, nei!
by Jeremiah12 July 31, 2007
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This person is the most genuinely nice person i meet in a while, she doesn't hesitate to provide you with words of affirmation and remind you u r loved. They also deserve the entire world and a bag of hot ruffles. i love u nei
p.s. suck me ballz
sade: i love nay nay so muc
nei: ilym
by neiluvr June 23, 2021
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Old fashioned Cantonese for "you". Often heard in Cantopop songs and operas. Most speakers these days(especially in Hong Kong) pronounce the word lei.
Nei ge mou lou ngo diu jo gaa!
by Hoody88 October 4, 2007
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An American tourist woke up from a coma in Taiwan after celebrating the New Millenium party on New Years eve 2000. Where he commented to a local girl who was wearing a good-bye '99 T-shirt. " WOw you have big Nei Nei (Nine-Nines) tonight" go figure...
by Horng Wang May 11, 2006
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The ACTUAL freaking word, used in Wigan, inseatd of saying the word "no". It is not nay.
Aw ney, I ain't going there

Ney, you little twatbag

How about ney, you prick?
by Wuzzicks March 5, 2005
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absolutely not, no way, hell no, not this time sucka.
Telemarketer: Hi sir, can we interest you in a new vacuum cleaner.

Pissed off guy on other line: I have to say the ney no my brotha.
by Kelshall March 17, 2008
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Used when an ass is visibly fat without using yogas.
"Look at that ass Tim, she got the ney ney's on!"
by YoungGabesAlot October 6, 2013
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