The ACTUAL freaking word, used in Wigan, inseatd of saying the word "no". It is not nay.
Aw ney, I ain't going there

Ney, you little twatbag

How about ney, you prick?
by Wuzzicks March 5, 2005
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1. A word used to cheat in a game of scrabble to obtain a high score to the bewilderment of other players. Normally used towards the end of a game to attempt to avoid a devastatingly poor score.

2. Effeminate negative.
"If I put 'ney' down on a triple word score thats 36 points, and it will actually double my pitiful score! I'm such a loser."
by S Crabble March 3, 2006
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daamn girl you ney?
by furget March 23, 2016
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An American tourist woke up from a coma in Taiwan after celebrating the New Millenium party on New Years eve 2000. Where he commented to a local girl who was wearing a good-bye '99 T-shirt. " WOw you have big Nei Nei (Nine-Nines) tonight" go figure...
by Horng Wang May 11, 2006
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Sally: I went streaking yesterday.
Billy: *waits for her to go into detail, etc.*
Sally: tmi?
Billy: no, nei!
by Jeremiah12 July 31, 2007
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This person is the most genuinely nice person i meet in a while, she doesn't hesitate to provide you with words of affirmation and remind you u r loved. They also deserve the entire world and a bag of hot ruffles. i love u nei
p.s. suck me ballz
sade: i love nay nay so muc
nei: ilym
by neiluvr June 23, 2021
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