word comonly used to say wats up when ur talking to an african american person is talking to an african american person.Usually amongst friends
exmple:a black guy walks into a store. He sees his friend. He says"wats good negro". the guy responds "nutin posted nigga how bout u"?
by taheed March 08, 2007
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1.Means "black" in Spanish.
2.Word used to be used by white americans to despise black slaves.
Nowadays only black americans use it to each other.
1. "Un sombrero negro" translation " a black hat "

2.Extract of notice
"By virtue of a deed of trust, given to me, and bearing date, the 6th day of February, 1828, I shall, on the twenty-ninth day of April next, sell, at public auction, to the highest bidder of eash a valuable young NEGRO woman. ..." by *a random guy named* Robert Moffett
by getITstraightMAN June 07, 2010
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A word used to predominantly describe African-Americans in an often, underrogatory manner. An antecedent of the word nigger, nigga, gigaboo, porch monkey, and black.
1 out of 4 negroes will not be able to go to college because of poor funding in their community and no stable job placements.
by co'caine April 03, 2007
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In modern usage, a polite term sometimes employed by black people to avoid using the word nigger. Meant to be derogatory, it denotes deep disrespect and disapproval.
"Did you know that Negro voted straight Republican in the last election?!"
by hootnannie October 22, 2009
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Negro another form of saying Nigger
Charlie: you see that film last night?
Bob: the one with the negro?
by OMGWTFBBQ?! February 26, 2005
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(noun) A person of African heritage. A person with very dark skin.
(adj.) Of African heritage. Very dark-skinned.
Origin and history: From the Latin niger, meaning "black" or "dark". Niger evolved into nigger (a derogatory racial epithet used primarily among white slaveholding communities prior to the twentieth century and white supremacists), nigger evolved into nigga (a transliteration of an alternate pronunciation primarily used among black people since circa 1800), and negro (formerly the politically correct designation for black people but now commonly confused with nigger which more strongly connotes racist attitudes). Negro is still used today among black people in the same way as nigga, but with less frequency and often to convey a sort of mock-sophistication.
Synonyms are black, African-American, niger, nigger, nigga, and various alternate spellings.
The Little Rock Nine were nine negroes who enrolled in an all-white school, causing much political debate about the government's role in ending segregation.

New York City is a very diverse city, approximately 25% negro.
by Frederick H W C Johnson December 05, 2016
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