A guy/girl that is naturally shy, but as they gain life experience that can change. They’re either the best or worst person you’ve met. They’re so memorable and captivating that you’ll find yourself thinking about them even years later. He/She is so full of talent and potential, but that can lead to pretentiousness. They are prone to acting like they know it all, maybe because they do, but either way if you are born on June 2nd, be aware of your behavior when it comes to knowledge or talent. You are a show off and that’s okay. Happy birthday! You are amazing.
June 2 is the birthday of my bestfriend. June 2 is also the birthday of my worst enemy.
by iknowbirthdaysman October 25, 2019
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June 2 ah yes. June 2 they day of the year where you appreciate your girlfriend even though it should be every day, This day needs to be extra special for her!
Boy 1: what day is it
Boy 2:it’s June 2
Boy 1: Damnit, I need to go get her something

Boy 2: HURRY!
by Jade76 May 30, 2021
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June 2 is National smack ass and national fingering day part 2. On this day u get to smack your girl/boy friends Ass as much as u want to and also u get to finger the fuck out of your girl.
Girl:Daddy it's June 2 so don't get mad when I smack u in ya ass

Boy: okay I won't get mad cause u know June 2 is also the day I can finger the hell out of u so be ready baby girl
by Thatbitchcallmedaddy June 2, 2019
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Get a gf/bf

Go out and get yo self a boo!
Girl: hey what day is it?
Boy: June 2, why?
Girl: it’s get a gf/bf day so I was wondering if you wanted to go out sometime?
by Love panda 0356 June 2, 2021
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National Fuck your bet friend day
Me: "Hey bestiee..."
Him: What?"
Me: "It's June 2"
Him: 😏
by MikeysPersonalDickSwallower October 11, 2021
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Anyone born on June second you either hate or love. They can be really loud and annoying but also can be a great!
Person 1: omg did you meet sarah and elle? their birthdays are both on june 2
Person 2: i hate sarah but love elle
by luckylizard March 8, 2020
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International Butter day
A butter day for butter enjoyers

Especially for franz from discord
Did you heard about International Butter day?
International Butter day is awsome!

June 2 is International Butter day!
by TheGreatMan2001 June 2, 2021
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