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Meaning "no", it is only expressed in a strict and robotic manner-a mix between Megatron, the transformer, and the word negative.
"Hey Optimus Prime, are we going to movies today"?

by Izzeee August 29, 2011

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A style that anyone native to Miami or that has lived there 10+ years adapts to. It has a cuban time touch to it, meaning not showing up on time to anything, despite the importance of it..... not returning calls whether its from an attorney or a corporate guru. Generally, this style lacks assurance and promptness in anything. Its contagious, and you should always expect the opposite of what has been "planned" because with this style, nothing really is.
Hey, what did Jane Doe say about your job performance last week? Oh I don't know, she hasn't answered, its Miami style you know. She'll respond within the next 3-6 months.
by izzeee September 25, 2011

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