1. mean, evil, wicked female

2. ex-wife, ex-girlfriend

3. whining, griping, complaining woman

by Espiridion Escumbro November 21, 2003
Quite simply another "slang" term derived from bitch.

Does not have the same meaning as "bitch" (female dog).

Could also be used as a harsh substitute for "idiot".

(see example)

Is used to refer to someone male or female for various reasons (generally the latter). Usually when they are complaining about something.
Quit that whining biyatch!

by IJ March 31, 2006
an unoffensive term for "bitch,"
bob: hi girl!
girl: sup homeboy
bob: nothn much, hey wanna party tonight?
girl: I'm sorry bob I can't (leave)
bob: crayze biyatch!
by spikey17 August 19, 2004
a nice way of calling someone a 'bitch'
'you are such a biyatch girl!'
by xxallyanderzxx April 22, 2008
1. Female dog with a twist
2. Being "yatchy"
3. Loveable meany
4. Ghetto Bitches (jessica and kira)
1. Zoe is sucha biyatch!
2. OH MY GOD that girl is being soo yatchy. Biyatch
by Mourrice December 14, 2008
I fucked the Biyatch last night, but i treated your mom good.
by Ray March 15, 2004