In reponse to an arousing comment, gesture, act, or situation. Often used by Carl in Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Adopted by many young middle class European Americans.
Stripper: "Hey baby."
Carl: "Ohh, sweet nectar!"
by Patrick Gurley & Rodger Jordan December 31, 2005
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Guy1: dude, grab me a glass of that sweet nectar
Guy2: of course, enjoy it
by Arnold _Palmer June 16, 2011
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The pungent odor wafting from the magical spot between the balls and leg mixed with gold bond powder. Prevalent in cooks and others who work in hot environments on their feet for extended periods.
Dude, smell my finger. I've got that sweet Georgia nectar.
by theangrybovine May 25, 2015
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The epitome of awesome and cool. When something is so perfect that "cool" or "awesome" or "kickin" is just not enough.
Person 1: OMG the Cubs just won the world series...

Person 2: Sweet Honey Nectar
by Stoolie October 25, 2013
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The combination of sweat and lubricant from anal sex.
*talking over the phone*

Geralt: So Zach, do you want some of her Sweet Butt Nectar?

Zach: Dude she can hear you
by SweetButtNecter April 5, 2016
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