A bunch of typically 18-35 year old guys that act like 17 year old scene boys. They team up together to fight at shows and fuck underage girls. Most live with there parents have no solid education with shitty jobs. They sit on there "scenekicks" and talk about fucking the latest pre-teen and beg for "n00dz"... NCDS= No Coast Death Squad.
preteen: I am 12 years old.
NCDS Person: send n00dz
preteen: -sends nudes-
NCDS Person: where do you live ill pick you up and fuck your preteen pussy.
by NCDS February 13, 2008
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An all-girls catholic school/cult/convent in Newton, Massachusetts. Newsflash: lululemon, aviator nation sweatpants, and canada goose jackets are required. the student body is mainly rich, snobby & b*tchy white girls. Don't be surprised if you randomly see a girl pull down her pants in the middle of class. Academics are rigorous, but most weeks are only 3-4 days long. There are two colors: blue & silver (Silver is better!) and each team has a school dog as a mascot. it's regular for girls to stab each other in the back to get with a guy, normally either attending the St. Sebs or Belmont Hill School. We absolutely hate Dana Hall girls.
1 in 3 NCDS girls are in therapy 5 times a week.
by gorgeousgirlslay10 May 26, 2022
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No Can Do. The act by a page administrator of deleting a post, comment or other contribution because it violates terms of service, page rules etc. disallowed banned TOS rules violation Also called "UhUhNope"
"I commented that she was just the office ho bag, but the Admin NCDed my comment as inappropriate." An NCD may occur with or without (QNCD QuietNCD) notice or mention by the Admin.
by CPCBugMan February 18, 2018
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An NCD is a Non-committal date. A date lacking commitment. This is a date in which the the datee's are not interested in each other any more than a friendship.

The history of this phrase started in february of 2009 on Valentines day. Knowing I was a single man I decided that I would take not one but 2 dates out on valentines day with out any commitment, an NCD. The point of this is to experience the feeling of dating with out any commitment. Pretending the NCD is a completely real relationship and as soon as it is over back to normal.
"I went out on a date with my NCD on sunday, we went swing dancing followed by dinner and a movie"

"It's NCD night, a night to dress up and go have a blast!"
by Nate Brott December 24, 2011
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Married to FBI, the infamous hacker. His name is used just as much as FBIs name in the hacking community to describe ownage.
Yo i straight up NCD'd that comp
Dude I FBI'd that botnet lolol
by much l33tness October 27, 2008
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Hey, wanna get together with the Kid, Pirate and Ninja tomorrow for dinner and drinks?

NCD, got STD.
by The Kam October 12, 2007
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person a: dud ctfu you have to get over here rn
person b: sorry ncd kind of in another country at the moment
by snackthatsmilesback44 February 3, 2019
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