A person whose sole function in an organization is to point out flaws in recommended plans and approaches. This person never provides reasonable insights of their own volition rather just point out flaws of other ideas.
In the meeting yesterday we had several good ideas but Fred continued in his role as professional naysayer pointing out flaws while never offering any useful advice or ideas of his own.
by FPB September 28, 2010
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The law known as the "Naysayer Bullshit Statistic" means that at least 50% of people with a highly negative view of something are poorly informed about it, haven't tried it to its full potential or are just plain making stuff up to satisfy their bias opinion regardless of whether they know they're wrong or not.
Person who hasn't tried Stereo-3D: "3D is a fad"

Person with common sense: "You sir, fall into the Naysayer Bullshit Statistic"
by something2someone August 26, 2010
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