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A branch of the military that is a complete hellhole. You enlist, thinking that the bonus that your recruiter offered you will be a lot of money, but just adds up to an extra $2.00 a week. All of the other branches call The Navy nerds, while they're the only branch who never actually gets enough service to do nerdy things like play Fortnite or Minecraft. You are stuck on a ship for months at a time, and everyone is stuck to do every job because everyone is in the Army instead. People clog the toilets just so that the ship can't deploy, and all that does is summon YOU to plumb it, because that's Navy life for ya.
Sailor 1: Fuck, we're getting deployed again?
Sailor 2: Yep. I tried to clog the toilets so we didn't have to go but-
Sailor 1: Jesus Christ, that was you? I had to plunge that shit!
Sailor 2: But you're a Sonar Tech!
Sailor 1: Well, this is The Navy so everyone is a plumber now.
by thenormalnobody January 20, 2020
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The group you call when you have one of three situations:

1. a war

2. a genocidal shooting

3. a robot takeover
1. "we're shipping you out to Iraq"

2. "we need the navy to stop this man!"

3. "squidward!, the robots have taken over the navy!"
by December 25, 2016
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