Danno is derived from Dan, which is further derived from Daniel. In Welsh, Daniel means attractive. Biblically, the name means judgment of God. Neither definition can truly pinpoint the exact meaning of Danno. Danno represents a person who devotes his life to the betterment of humanity, never failing to express his selflessness and integrity. He can turn any frown upside down and is the sunshine in the rain and the blue in gray skies. Danno goes well with meggo.
Meggo loves Danno.
Danno will save the world!
by wyatt818 October 05, 2009
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Used for a nickename if your name is Daniel, Danny....etc. You could say my personal favorite: Book'em Danno...or other creative ways....Book'em Danno is remotely used if you're trying to catch someone in a game or real life, and you have a friend with you you could say, Book'em Danno even if their name isn't Daniel, Danny.
Book'em Danno
by Alejandro Gonzalez February 02, 2011
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a god of all things bro including but not limited to having the ability to drain massive amounts of brew and fuck bitches almost as often as he plays lax.
Guy- I just watched Danno pound a 6 pack in 2 minutes!!
Girl- I just want to fuck Danno
by themessiah69 April 13, 2011
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Name; originating from Dan.

Danno's are harmless characters passing-by life and meeting needs as necessary. Danno's do not nearly have the amount of concern as normal beings, rather they focus thier efforts on themselves. Some are know-it-all's but in reality their just Danno's.

Thus, the name Dan would fit this stereotype and be given the name Danno
Taking a test, he sat next to the smartest kid in the class. when the teacher sat at her desk, he looked at the smartest kids answers and wrote them on his answer sheet. Nobody ever saw him and later he an A for the test.


by John Robert A. September 23, 2008
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The floor on which dancing occurs in a club, abbreviated to make for a more enthusiastic response when asked in the club/bar
'hey man coming on the DANNO for a bit of a groove?'

'dude check out that DANNO it full of ass!'
by danno mania November 03, 2007
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Pure gadget, or gadget in it's original form. It's Clownistic behaviour, and goofy walk, give the 'danno' it's distinct charicteristics.
Danno's shouldn't be taken lightly, they've been known to fart randomly.
"Whoa, look at that goofy Danno! let's go poke it with a stick!"
"carefull mate, I've heard they fart pretty bad"
by Doc September 23, 2003
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The Dirty Danno is an epics breakfast concoction developed by a bloke called Danno. Containing three smoked bacon rashers, two pork sausages, two hash browns, some beans all trapped between two thick slices of lightly toasted white bread.
I’m starving and could do with a do with a dirty Danno down the cafe.
by Danno1975 December 20, 2021
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