1) A fancy way of saying Bitch

2) A fancy way of saying female dog

Girl 1: ahhhhhh this is too hot I wanted it to be 71 Degrees
but its 75
Girl 2: Stop being whinny, uh your such a bis-natch
by abercrmbie latina December 28, 2007
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"Dude, Jill is so hot."

"Damn stragiht man, I banged her wet fuzz-natch all night."
by Aiden_FrazzleSnazz November 30, 2006
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Originally said by Theo Von episode 92 of King and the Sting podcast.

"Nuts, ass, everything..."

It means suck all my junk.
Thats because you like boys, dude. Smoke my natch!
by KATS_Enthusiast_Orl_FL October 28, 2020
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a fly ass hunny with a tight, delicious, prime vagina. Soo good that it makes you do domb shit to get to taste it.
yooo abe to the dizzo is got up on some dan ks natch
by abe dizzo October 2, 2007
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it can be anything you want it to be.
yeah joes such a natcher
ooo that’s natch
by 69nice69 January 1, 2021
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