Literally, from or of the rump. Originally used as a meatpacking term. Can be used to substitute any form of a negative word.
Dude, I just took Dr. Baumer's test - it was freakin' natch!

Yo goat, wash your stinky ass socks man...they smell super natch.

I boned Ashley last night and her cunt was natch.
by B'jackoff October 16, 2004
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A degroatory term for a short, ugly man. Typically used in reference to someone from the southern united states, such as Florida, who can be described as a geek and dweeb. A "natch" will typically be someone who swing dances or lindy-hops, engages in a profession such as engineering and will usually host an uninteresting blog about himself and his numerous inconsequential achievements.
Dude! I don't care about what connection speed your cell phone gets to the internet! Stop being such a natch!
by Le Pepy July 1, 2005
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n. One who is a slutty dirty skanky hoe // Natcher: One who steals something
You natchy comff natcher
by Meg January 1, 2005
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To be "on the natch" is to be in a natural state, without being intoxicated by drink or drugs. "Natch" being a shortened version of natural and "On the" being a prepositional prefix.

In context, to be on the natch would be going on a night out sober.
"Hey you out tonight?"

"Yeah, I mean I've got no money so I'll be on the natch tonight, but I'll hang out with you guys."

"No one has ever enjoyed your company sober, you are a depressive, drag on all our buzzes and we all wish you would die."
by LeastGhomie June 10, 2013
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To get yourself high by squatting low, breathing in and out deeply and quickly for about 30 seconds, and then standing up as fast as you can and blowing onto your thumb without letting any air out for about 15 seconds. Most of the time it knocks you out and you wake up feeling like you're in Inception. Sometimes it just gets you really, really high for a minute or two. Do not try this at home when your parents are there!
Dude, are you ok? You just passed out!
--Yeah man I was natching try it it's fun.
by PopnFreshKev September 1, 2011
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To chew noisily with your mouth open...
"Who's Natching in my ear?"

"Do you have to Natch when you chew?"

"Dude, stop Natching. It's really gross"
by MissCalissa December 10, 2015
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Word used to reference a woman's genital area and a substitute for calling a person cunt, bitch, or hoe.

A way of expressing hate towards someone.

Calling some a natch is the equivalent of saying "go fuck yourself"

Simply throwing the word natch anywhere in a sentence will make sense to the average human.
Oh my gosh Sydney! You are such a natch!

That girl at the party was being such a natch, all she did was go from guy to guy.

My natch is kind of dry.. I might need to see a doctor.
by The_Gang_ April 29, 2013
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