The path of moral integrity; following the rules. People who follow the straight and narrow typically abstain from activities such as hustlin, pimpin, and some gangsta shit.
Mobb Deep: "What's up fool? What you been doing?"
Todd: "You know, helping out at retirement homes, building houses for Habitat for Humanity, coaching a peewee soccer team, stuff like that."
Mobb Deep: "All right playa. Good to hear. How you raking in the paper doing all that volunteer work?"
Todd: "Funny you should mention it. I actually dabble in pimpin hos on the side. I run a rather successful operation consisting of 4 or 5 bitches. We turned a substantial profit last quarter. Unfortunately I had to pop a cap in a few bitch niggas who didn't pay up."
Mobb Deep: "Man that's some bullshit, you hypocrite. Either you're in the game or you stick the straight and narrow. There ain't no such thing as halfway crooks."

"This ain't funny so don't you dare laugh
Just another case about the wrong path
Straight and narrow or your soul gets cast
Good night!"
-Slick Rick, "Children's Story"
by Nicholas D October 31, 2009
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The act of following the straight and narrow path through life, which generally means staying out of trouble and abstaining from particularly hedonistic activities like breaking moral laws and engaging in dangerous activities such as hard drugs and rampant unprotected sex with dirty ass hoes.
Parent: Have you been staying out of trouble in college?

Son: Yes mom i have been riding the straight and narrow.
by calvared November 05, 2014
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It's cool to wear pins on your bags that say "Straight but not narrow", unless you aren't straight, in which case it would be much more appropiate to sport a rainbow pin, unless you think rainbows are ugly, which they are, because all those colors don't mesh together very well.
by DddddddDdd October 18, 2006
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