Getting blind drunk on a school night, usually a Wednesday.
Wow, Mon got totally Hanked last night, she literally threw up in her mouth a little....
by Thehankcode April 3, 2019
To get busted for something and thrown out of group for a flagrent violation.
"I got busted for being the 'One Star Bandit' on the Where's George Forums, so I got hanked for life".
by The One Star Bandito April 14, 2008
Anything that ailing you, baby.
Dis here will get the hanks off ya, playah.
by Steven Moseley December 4, 2007
Someone who sells propane and propane accessories
by Sam Leisenring April 12, 2015
Hank is the literal embodiment of God. Worship Hank and Hank is Daddy ;)
All hail Hank
by Gold Boy March 25, 2021
Term used by hospital personnel to name medical leaches applied to patients post surgery for congealed blood removal.
We’re going to need some more Hanks over here, she’s still bleeding.
by Zach fan July 18, 2020
When you adamantly tell your friends that you will order a dog cage at the Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago to put your girlfriend in and weeks go by but you definitely didn't put your girl in a dog cage.

To make extravagant promises to your boys in the group thread and then not follow through at all.
Henry was straight hanking us the whole time. That dude was never going to do that. Such a fake blam
by DJUnion March 20, 2019