Taboo term used to refer to the testicles
Mr. Example is such a nard, i can't believe he gave us that hard test
by Nate brown May 8, 2007
Another word for faecies
There is nard on your shoe
by Bobbie July 23, 2003
"insert word here"- nard can be used to replace any word.
E.g. You got any nards? Hey nard face, you have a face like nards. Nard can be used in place of any word. For example "fuckyou dickhead you stink like crap" could be changed to "fuckyou nardhead you stink like nards"
by clancepants May 19, 2005
A person who acts like a nerd, but is in reality dumb.
The nard always talks about science, but he has a C in his class.
by Lizardman88 June 13, 2020
1. A mix of the words retard and nerd.

2. The male genitalia specifically the balls
All you nards get to bed (def 1)
by Mr.Frierland December 7, 2009
1. A person who, from an objective collective social viewpoint, simply doesn't cut it.
2. Someone or something that defies being taken seriously.
3. A self-confident source of embarrassment for everybody.
4. An everyday inconvenience.
That Sting is such a nard these days.
by Jackie Lightning, 1992 November 21, 2010