The right hand side of a naval vessel or airplane.
Iceberg sir. I put her hard-a-starboard and reversed the engines, but she was too close. - A night to remember.
by Lord Butterknife November 18, 2005
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In the sport of crew (rowing) the side in a sweep racing shell on the left from the rowers perspective (or the right side from the perspective of the coxswain). Starboard oars generally are distinguished by a a green marking somewhere on them. Most of the time bow is starboard while port is stroke.
Starboard and bow bitch go hand In hand.
by Rower111 May 25, 2009
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Denotes individual with predominate right cerebral cortex housing group. Commonly known as "Right Brained."

Character traits exhibited include: guided by feelings, impetuous actions, driven by imagination and intrigued be philosophical sciences.

Starboard Brained individuals are opposite of Port Brained ("Left Brained")individuals. Port Brained individuals exhibit traits such as: guided by logic, practicality, reality based and drawn to mathematics and science.

by Yarn Theory October 20, 2008
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Person 1 ) Dude do you have the starboard crusader?
Person 1 ) *dead
by Acchi March 29, 2018
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A ROBLOX/Discord Group containing of the most retarded people, their humour is still from 2014 and their highest IQ was 60, in the Starboard Studios Staff Team, they all have HOT HOT SEX. Sky used to cum on all of the mods all at once! But now that Sky is gone, they are all faggots.

sky: no!

mud: starboard studios L!
by urbandictionaryfan69420 March 28, 2022
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When two people are going down on one pussy and another tongue tries to join in but is rebuffed with a splash.
Casey tried to join in but when he couldn't find room for his mouth, he realized he was being brutally third wheel starboarded.
by Elise Ohlickmysack August 31, 2015
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a term referring to both a starboard and port transducer pole which was created by a very stoopid riverboat captain named roger
hey showncy ya'll go on and fix the starboard both of em' and make sure you tape his ankles
by wickywicky pimmmmp September 14, 2008
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