A word commonly used in annoyance, to express dismay or agitation
by Lilly belle April 27, 2014
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(nard):a word that means for testicle often used as an exclamation of disappointment

(narded): to be beaten beyond repair there is no coming back from being narded
use 1:
person 1: hey will you go out with me

person 2: sorry no
person 1: aw nards

use 2:
person 1: he man I lost that football game
person 2: aw man that sucks how badly
person 1: lets just say we got narded
by GCORDON288 February 14, 2019
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A word used usually instead of "Oh Shit" as a disguise so that people will not know you used that word.
Teacher: Ok class, you have a five-page essay, due tomorrow!

Julie: Aww NARDS!
by ProdigyD November 05, 2012
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the combo of a nark and a nerd

used by bros to describe anyone not chill
bro1: yo.. that kids sucha nard
bro2: i know. so not chill...
bro1: fuck it. lets lax
bro2: aight
by brosel August 17, 2010
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a turd, bog, grogan, shit, crap
why don't u suck a nard out of my butt
by Gazza March 24, 2003
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To consistently commit to, and opt out of plans with friends. Especially work friends.
"Is Jim going to come to the happy hour he set up? Or is he going nard us again?"
"I was planning on having dinner tonight with Jim, but he narded me. Again."
aka "Kicked in the nards."
by blackhamster March 02, 2015
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a cross between a nerd and a retard.
yesterday my boyfriend went to chess club! what a f***ing nard!
by megan November 14, 2003
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