An insult equivalent, but better, than the word idiot.
That guy over there is such a nard he tried to buy blinker fluid from an auto zone.
by 1ra2ndom3 August 3, 2019
Damnit bill, you got right in the nards!
by Jimmy October 22, 2003
When a mans testicles elevate, elongate, and stiffen, during extreme arousal.
"Dude, that chick gives me a serious nard-on every time I see her."
by MikeHawk8=====D~~~~ March 23, 2015
A round, fat, annoying person who resembles a chicken nugget.
Marcus is so annoying, he's such a nard.
by Swag daddy max out May 16, 2014
A word commonly used in annoyance, to express dismay or agitation
by Lilly belle April 27, 2014
When a male procedes to stick his nose into another mans anal cavity
by seth03 June 16, 2011