People with nappy hair. Often referring to black people.
White Guy: Sup, napper.
Black Guy: Did you just call me nigger?
White Guy: No, I said napper.
Black Guy: What the fuck does that mean?
White Guy: People with nappy ass hair.
by iamatryhardatvideogames March 06, 2012
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When you take a shit so exhausting you have to take a nap afterwards
I ate so much at golden corral I'm gonna have to take a napper when I get home
by personguy3 February 11, 2014
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Taking longer than the actual relationship to get over the girl
I was with this girl then after did a Napper
by SlymeyBoy May 15, 2014
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Large, soft breasts that make you want to take a nap on them but do not cause sexual arousal because they are on modestly overweight women.
Yeah, she's fat, but I'd love to spend a Sunday afternoon snoozing on those nappers.
by seabassrodeo1 May 22, 2009
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