The closest two single adults will ever get to being an old married couple.

Pairing of Kim Namjoon and Kim Seokjin (BTS).

The former is usually forced to sleep on the couch after the 'U GOT NO JAMS' incident.
"So, I heard you have a Namjin blog."

"Who the fuck told you? Imma have to beat their ass up."
by kimhung November 13, 2016
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Every. Single. Army. ships it. It's that one ship that no one can hate.
P1: Yo, did you watch that video I told you about?
P2: Yea! It was so adorable~ I totally ship namjin!!
by solo-lo-lo-lo-lo January 27, 2019
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Namjin also known as Jinam, is one of the most popular BTS ships out there.

Mostly everyone in the fandom ships Namjin.
Person 1:- Did you see that Namjin moment in the concert?
Person 2:- Yes! I totally ship them!
by PheonixGurp76 November 21, 2019
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Namjin are just fuckinng real and that’s it
Namjin are real bitches
by Pepeisasexy February 14, 2019
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It's the HOTTEST/cutest thing you'all ever lay your eyes upon.
It's the romantic relationship between Namjoon and Jin from the popular Kpop group BTS.
it's not just a ship, IT'S THE SHIP OF DREAMS. All those cute moments between the two and their undeniable loving relationship is so hot it'll melt your heart guarantee. Jin is the mother of BTS and Namjoon is the dad. HELLO, THEY GO WELL TOGETHER. They belong together and their personalities are very compatible with one another.
Person 1: Hey check out this fanfic I wrote the other day.
Person 2: If it's not Namjin, I will literally beat your ass and there better be some HOT scenes
by Levi mikasa January 17, 2017
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Namjin Day is an international ARMY holiday, brought to life on the 1st of April, easter sunday, 2018 by Singer and Dancer Park Jimin of the korean Super Group BTS. This day is meant to celebrate love and the beautiful connection between his two groupmates Jin (Kim Seokjin) and RM (Kim namjoon) who share a friendship so beautiful it will bring you to tears and make you hop onto the ship 'MS Namjin' that has taken in ARMY from all over the world of all genders, cultures and religions already.
"Namjin Day is the best day of the year"
by rmplaza April 01, 2018
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