short for the notoriously inexpensive beer - natural light.
i dont have a lot of bread, just get a case of naddie
by slak October 22, 2003
Some thing that is nasty and grosses you out. Sick and makes you cringe.
Dude put some clothes on thats friggin naddy!!!!!
by J Phizzle July 2, 2006
the word oriented from the word nasty but its 10,000,000x worse
man she done fucked everbody at the school, i bet that pootie is naddy!
by Dmoney31392 August 13, 2008
one who has a penis of a purple complexion.
Shit, my cock is getting all naddy en shit
by Pucci February 28, 2003
Nasty:Disgusting:Makes you wanna spew:ETC
Damn..that gurl stink like naddy
by Ashley January 15, 2004
Very hot and sexy she gives the best sex !!!!!!!! She is very caring and kind xxxxxxx she also is lit at party’s
by Tylertheamazingandsexy October 25, 2017