"Yo did you go to the Weekend Nachos show last weekend?"

"Yeah dude mad pit fatalities."
by dicksneeze October 06, 2008
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Trump uses a mixture of nacho cheese and cheeto dust to give his face that lavish orange look found only in old, rich, orange males.
Buy some today and look just like all your favorite fascist %@#holes!
by a babies goad April 14, 2017
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When you shit and cum on your sister's or brother's stomach and use it as bean dip during sex
No thanks I'm not hungry I had some Alabama nachos with Becky
by Big dick bitch March 15, 2019
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Cheap nachos, created in the bag... at the convenience store.
Oh, you don't have the $2.99 for a box of Nachos down at the 11-7? (You're not a Republican; are you?) Well, you got a dollar? No problem, Ghetto Nachos then. The sign on the counter says free chili and cheese, although they failed to specify what this is (and more importantly isn't) for on the signs.


1 Convenience store
1 Small bag corn chips
Self service hot dog/nacho counter (with free chili, cheese and jalapenos)

Directions: Choose and pay for the $1 bag of corn chips. About face and proceed to the self-service counter where the free chili and cheese is. Open bag of chips. Squirt liquid cheese like substance in to bag. Squirt liquified chili like substance into the bag. Garnish with free jalapenos (Yep, toss 'em into the bag.) Exit store immediately. Enjoy!
by Queso Suave September 28, 2012
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The center part and main chip(s) of a bowl of nachos that holds all the nachos together. It contains the most chips, cheese and toppings in the whole bowl.
"Every pile of Nachos has one main chip that holds the whole thing together! The Nacho Nucleus! You don't take the Nucleus! You work around it!
...you honor it!" -Doug from the King of Queens.
by TheFiend138 July 29, 2014
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Two men being intimate with each other and acting on strong feelings towards each other
“Wow, I think those two are sharing nachos.”
by The GarageBand April 13, 2018
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